Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Naming your company

I feel very optimistic about importance and high priority attention in naming company, business, products. If you really cares about your business - you consider it as your child. Will you name your child with a better name ? The child will leave with it all life, would you like to give your product or business a better name also to live longer ?

There are number of principles to take into consideration when looking for name:
  1. It should be easy to remember
  2. It’s easy to spell and requires no explanation
  3. It describes your business category
  4. It describes your benefit
  5. It describes your difference


  1. It has to be one or two syllables long - no more
  2. Begin with letters early in the alphabet.
  3. Each syllable starts with a strong consonant (B, C, D, G, K, P, Q, T)
  4. Avoid names starting with X and Z.
  5. A great name has the potential to turn into a verb.
  6. It’s fun to say (”…that just rolls off the tongue”)
Sounding different + spelling different + embodying logic = a memorable name )

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