Friday, 19 December 2008

Elements of Marketing

Every marketer is aware of 4Ps, 5Ps and other alike stuff.

New point of view I found on the blog of Seth Godin in his article.

He stresses 5 elements of marketing nowadays:

#1 DATA: is being received basing on observations on customers behaviour/actions, that is all about info that will convert it into monetary component. The marketer should understand the “what point” of DATA and “less why point”.

#2 STORIES: every person, every job, every organisation, every service has his/her/its marketing. Stories define everything you do and say. The product has a myth, the service has a legend.

#3 PRODUCTS: it is not about average products for average people. Push your product to be a story, to live the story, to create the myth about it. The story spreads the info about your product.

#4 INTERACATIONS: wide range those – from the way you email, tone of your speech on the phone, the way you ad or billboard, spam people, keeping promises given to people

#5 CONNECTIONS: connections between the company and customers, between customers, creating teams/tribes of people

Now you can have a look at the marketing world through the prism of 5 elements, the point is to balance them all.

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