Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Searching for the marketer

Most of the companies set the following abilities of the marketer they are looking for:

  • Education in marketing is a plus/ (or MBA is a must)
  • At least (n) years professional experience in marketing
  • Good analytical abilities, being a fast decision-maker
  • Ability to work under pressure/stress
  • Proficiency in MS OFFICE, Photoshop etc.

As for me I would like to emphasize on the following features that suites marketing position better:

  • Creative approach to marketing activities (creative must be rational and must sell)
  • Marketing thinking and marketing imagination
  • Presence of intuition is good plus
  • Working as customer service/care representative/manager is a plus
  • Sales experience is an advantage
  • Ad/marketing projects successful fulfilment is welcomed

What are you looking for when looking for the marketer?

1 comment:

grigoale said...

Great MARKETER must have a passion about what she/he sells !

It is a requirement !