Monday, 1 December 2008

Marketing education vs. Marketing thinking

The marketing - always did, does and will play a significant role in organizational success. It is a common knowledge for everyone who markets successfully and profitably.

There are academic institutions where people are “taught to be marketers”. On the outcome we have folks with marketing diploma in hands and knowing staff like that: Boston`s five competitive forces, BCG matrix, Acceptance Curve, ASSPAT, CRA, SAM, IPMAP, TOMI, QP, BRQ, ACCA, DAGMAR, DIBABA, IIRM etc.

There is marketing thinking.

That is thinking from customer/client standpoint taking into account behaviour, intentions, and thoughts of customers. Sometimes graduates can not acquire it with diploma. Because only practice can give it to a marketer.

So the question is:

Are all people with diploma marketers with marketing way of thinking?

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