Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Communicating with your customers online

Customers online are real customers. They are real people.

If you send a nasty email, there’s a real human (customer) being on the other end who gets it.
If you spam someone, you’re really only making yourself look bad.
If you write IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS it sounds like shouting.
If you want something to happen your way, try asking instead of demanding.
If you give, you’ll probably wind up getting, too.
If you collaborate, say thanks. Say thanks out loud to your customers.
If you’re independent, say no thanks.
If you like your customers, tell them.
If you don’t or don`t feel like, walk away from the computer.
If you’re giving feedback, lead with just one good thing.
If you’re getting feedback, realize that the person must care a lot to have sent it.
If you goof, apologize.
If you apologize, mean it.
If you smile, mean that too.
If you don’t like something, don’t do it.
If you do like something, spread it.

Remember: remarkable relationships start with remarkable communications.

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