Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Doing search on the web

When you are doing search on the web, you get matches on your keywords. You do not get the meaning. When you type in search – Kamasutra – you get the links to list of resources with the mentioned word. Actually you meant how this art of love can diversify and brighten your personal life with someone. You mean – I am looking for something new or advise or what should I pay attention to that will make feel myself happy. Did search engine get my point?

When you are searching for the video (ex. on YouTube), you are not looking for the video but for the words around it. You find the video with the keywords that satellite it. Someone can upload video on the media site with singer A, but it may be just a flashy slide show with the name of singer typed in without even picture of this singer on it. Oops!

When you market and make a message or promise to your audience, did you get their point first ?

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